Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Every year we celebrate Mother’s day to honour and respect our Mums and the trials they face in Motherhood. We all know this and celebrate each year by spoiling our mums, but what is the actual history of the holiday?

Mother’s day is actually celebrated in both the roman catholic and Anglican Church’s calendars. Traditionally the holiday is on the fourth Sunday of lent and is a day on which people were to attend the church where they had been baptised to celebrate and honour their mother.

In recent years, this holiday has become more commercialised, but still holds the importance stated above of celebrating mums all over the world. These days we use the holiday to treat our mums, whether that’s a break from the housework or spoiling them with gifts!

As a family business Sienna Glass is here to celebrate families of all shapes and sizes. Working with my mum, who is also our managing director, Debi Allsop – I felt it was important that we offer our customers a gift perfect for this holiday. We put our heads together and came up with the perfect solution for all of your customers scratching their heads on what to get for mum this year.

We have maximised our already beautiful collection of 10cm spirit balls and paired them with a very sweet poem to create the perfect gift. Unlike the usual flowers given each year, the beauty of these spirit balls will never die meaning that mothers day can be celebrated and remembered all year round!

As you know, at Sienna Glass we love to not only create beautiful gifts but also offer value for money. That’s why we’re always happy to offer replacement box pieces after mothers day, so that you can sell your blown glass for any occasion. This means that come April (if you’re not completely sold out 😉) – you can redress your gifts back to spirit balls and keep on selling!

Check out our brand new selection via the ‘Mother’s Day’ tab at the top of the page – you won’t be disappointed.


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