The Story Behind Sienna Glass

Step into the enchanting world of Sienna Glass, where creativity, passion, and family values intertwine to craft exquisite glassware that captivates hearts worldwide. Our journey began humbly, a tale woven on the kitchen table, where Debi, our visionary designer, first discovered the allure of glass.

It all started with a few pieces of glass items, lovingly sourced and sold on eBay by Debi. Enchanted by their beauty, she embarked on a quest to bring these treasures to others. However, she soon encountered a hurdle – the packaging and colours offered by UK suppliers didn't quite match her vision. Undeterred, Debi took matters into her own hands, sourcing the items herself and designing the beautiful packaging that defines Sienna Glass today.

Enter Hanna, Debi's daughter, who joined the fold after completing her studies at university. Together, they nurtured the fledgling business, expanding from Debi's home to a purpose-built office and warehouse in Pinvin. From packing and dispatch to managing operations and marketing, Hanna's role evolved, allowing Debi to focus on unleashing her creativity in new product development.

What began as a modest selection of products blossomed into a diverse range of glassware, showcasing various techniques and sourced from around the globe. While Sienna Glass initially found its footing in the online realm, it now graces trade shows across the country and features on platforms like Ankorstore and Faire, exporting its treasures far and wide.

As the business continues to flourish, Debi and Hanna remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering the best customer experience. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for perfection, they're poised to lead Sienna Glass into new realms of success. So, watch this space as we continue to weave our story, one masterpiece at a time.

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